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Our intuitive approch frees up the time you spend over and over again explaining the same process to different students.
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Why do people love Student Apply?

Built for educational agencies to help smothen the admission procedure, and for students to bring transparency.

  • Agencies
    student apply educational agency review
    — Stefan Vladescuh (Co-Founder
    ” I've applied to 2 universities throguh Student Apply, and the whole process was smooth and easy to follow - I trully recommned using HEdu Guide and Student Apply. “
  • Students
    student apply student university
    — Daniela Gibson, student at UMF
    “ I've been using Medium Rare templates for a couple of years now - they're always highly polished and backed up by amazing support. ”

List of documents

List all the required documents, so students can easily see what documents to upload.

Document level feedback

Provide feedback at a document level: approving or rejecting documents together with reason.

Online payments

Offer your students an easy way and secured way to pay online your fees.

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