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Privacy Statement for users registered with BURSA TRADUCERILOR SRL’s StudentApply platform (website "")


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The STUDENTAPPLY Platform provides an easy and secured way for users to register or to be registered in order to access a number of different information, systems and/or services (referred to hereafter as sites or services). You are affected by this Privacy Statement if you use the STUDENTAPPLY platform authentication service (login into your account on the STUDENTAPPLY platform). By logging in to the STUDENTAPPLY website, it means that you have been already registered on the STUDENTAPPLY platform.

Users refer to STUDENTAPPLY’s administrator – each user for his own personal information stored within the platform. Registration may occur:
• At the initiative of a user by means of direct entry of the relevant information by the user itself.

The STUDENTAPPLY platform includes facilities for authenticating registered users and controlling their own access to the STUDENTAPPLY websites. In each case, the personal data that is recorded is governed by Regulation (EU) 2016/679. The StudentApply platform falls under the responsibility of the Controller, with Mr. Ștefan Vlădescu being the General Manager. Further responsibility lies with each processor of the personal data. The Controller has concluded data protection agreements with its processors in order to protect the customer's personal data.


In general, registration is required:
a. If access to a site is restricted to authorized persons;
b. If there is a simple need for the site to remember you between visits and adapt itself to your needs or wishes;
c. For you to be able to receive further information (in case you have requested them), such as newsletters and information updates;
d. To grant you individual privileges that you might request or otherwise be entitled to.

We store the information that you provide on the registration form. By logging in and accessing your account you give your consent to the use of the data as described in this statement. The data obtained from the registration process includes personal data. Personal data include your names, geographical location, e-mail address and your telephone number, IP address. The account that the customer creates contains enough information for us to have reasonable confidence that its subsequent usage is by yourself or someone with access to the information you provided (including the password). We also store certain additional information (listed below) relating to the activity on the user account that we create for you so that we can protect both your identity and the integrity of the STUDENTAPPLY platform that you access. The additional information is used to diagnose and resolve problems and to deal with security incidents. Much of it relates to attempts to use an identity and thus to events that occur before a user has successfully authenticated. We may collect the following additional data about each user:
1. Date and time of most recent successful and unsuccessful authentication;
2. Last change of password;
3. Date and time of the last password reset.

When you login and/or change your password, we may record further information in log files, such as the IP address used, in line with the purposes stated above. This information can help in following up on any doubtful activity relating to your account. It will not be used to monitor your activity, except to allow the removal of the account when no longer used. The STUDENTAPPLY platform site uses the authentication service (login into your account on STUDENTAPPLY platform) for user authentication. Note that logging in through the STUDENTAPPLY authentication service always involves a page distinctively marked with the STUDENTAPPLY logo. Each time you login to a site protected by STUDENTAPPLY Login, the identifier, the site and the time will be recorded in a log file.

Note: We do not use cookies
STUDENTAPPLY does not use cookies to allow you to log in to different applications without re-entering your email address and password, and you will have to re-authenticate yourself each time you want to log in to a different device.


By registering yourself, you authorize the disclosure of the personal data you have entered in the user registration system to any University that is posted on the STUDENTAPPLY platform if you decide to apply to any. You can access all your personal information after having given your email address and password. The details of the activity associated with your account on the STUDENTAPPLY platform are never passed to any other site. The STUDENTAPPLY platform will not disclose your personal information to any third parties outside the company with the following exceptions:
a. Our partner translation offices if in your application a translation is required, based on your consent;
b. Our partner universities;
c. The duly authorized support unit or help desk responsible for the domain in which you are registered;
d. Duly authorized bodies, on a case by case basis: The National Center for Recognition and Equivalence of Diplomas (“CNRED”), Ministry of Education and Research, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Romanian Embassy in your home country.

Your password is stored only in an irreversible form. Apart from your password, the service administrators can view all of the data pertaining to a particular user. This helps them to perform duties such as helping users with problems and diagnosing suspected security incidents.


The STUDENTAPPLY platform stores your personal information in a secure computer protected with SSL certificates and your information can only be accessed by an authorized person with your preliminary approval.

When you login, the password is always encrypted on the network and is decrypted for checking against the stored password by the authentication service, not by the individual site. All passwords (including previous passwords mentioned above) are stored in a form that permits them to be checked against a supplied value, but their actual value cannot be derived from the stored value. The details about your user account are available only to yourself and the service administrator, which is Mr. Ștefan Vlădescu. If you registered yourself directly, you should be aware that anyone with access to read your e-mail may be able to use the account you create and acquire the identity it represents. You are responsible for assessing the risk that this presents to you personally. Similarly, the user is allowed to reset their password using the e-mail used to register the account. The users should bear in mind that anyone else with access to their e-mail (because of automatic forwarding, delegation or other reasons) will be able to reset the password. If you have any reason to believe that your password has been compromised – for example, if your password appears to have been changed without your knowledge - you should notify as soon as the STUDENTAPPLY team at

In principle, you should never reveal your password to anybody else, being a secret only you should know. In particular, your STUDENTAPPLY Login password should only ever be entered on screens showing the approved STUDENTAPPLY logo. Do not enter it if you have doubts about the authenticity of the STUDENTAPPLY Login site. When you enter your password, make sure your browser indicates (usually by means of a padlock or other icon) that you are on a secure connection and that you are connected to the STUDENTAPPLY platform site address (


You can verify your account information on the pages of either the user registration service or the authentication service (StudentApply Login). This excludes information that is only held in log files including the data recorded about the activity on your account: if you wish to access your log file entries or data recorded about activity of your account, you may request it by writing to the Controller at the address A reply will be given within a period of 30 working days from the date of receipt of the request. In case of difficulty, you can obtain help by following the contact link below.

Since it is collected automatically, it is not possible to modify any of the technical data held by the authentication service, with the exception of the password, or the e-mail used to register on the platform itself.


The StudentApply Platform keeps your personal data for as long as you are recorded as an active user and for a period of one year thereafter. The StudentApply platform will consider you active as long as you continue to use your account. If you don’t login for a period of 1 year you will be considered inactive, and you will be notified that in 72 hours your account will be deleted. If you wish to continue to use the features of the StudentApply platform you only need to login and your account will be considered active. Note: The user has the right to ask Controller at the address for the data erasure.

Data from the StudentApply platform is backed up regularly by the StudentApply team to ensure a correct system restore if necessary to restart operations. Furthermore, the StudentApply login is closely monitored and all sensitive actions on the system are logged, including each authentication request. These logs (log files) are rotated regularly and removed from the active system after a maximum of six months in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 679/2016. All log files backed up by the standard StudentApply 's backup procedure will not be removed from back-up tapes until those tapes are recycled, but that log data will not be restored if system restore is required.


In accordance with Regulation 679/2016 the individual person (“data subject”) has the following rights (
1. The right of access to your data (Article 15 of GDPR)
2. The right to rectification (Article 16 of GDPR)
3. The right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’) (Article 17 of GDPR)
4. The right to restriction of processing (Article 18 of GDPR)
5. The right to data portability (Article 20 of GDPR)
6. The right to object (Article 21 of GDPR)


If necessary, complaints can be addressed to the Autoritatea Nationala de Supraveghere a Prelucrarii Datelor cu Caracter Personal (

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